Why we’re changing Flickr free accounts.  

If this explanation makes ANY sense at all.

TL,DR; Photo sharing service offers 1TB free storage to attract users. Service is sold, then resold, then users are told to pay up because it’s better for them.

On April 20, 2018, SmugMug acquired Flickr from Verizon’s Oath.

In 2013, Yahoo lost sight of what makes Flickr truly special and responded to a changing landscape in online photo sharing by giving every Flickr user a staggering terabyte of free storage. This, and numerous related changes to the Flickr product during that time, had strongly negative consequences.

To Flickrs bottom line.

First, and most crucially, the free terabyte largely attracted members who were drawn by the free storage


We know those of you who value a vibrant community didn’t like this shift,


Today, we’re announcing updates to our Free and Pro accounts that mark a new step forward for Flickr. To be candid, we’re driving toward the future of Flickr with one eye on the rearview mirror; we…

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