Picking up the pace on degree program

2019 is the year that I will finally finish the Southern New Hampshire University bachelor’s degree program that I started all the way back in 2010. I had 2 classes in fall 2010 and then took all of 2011 off, returned in fall 2012 and stayed until 2013. After a long absence, I returned in January to complete the program with the intention to continue through to a Master’s Degree. Hopefully I can write a little bit to describe my experience with SNHU online. https://www.snhu.edu/

Right now I am scheduled to be taking 2 classes per term.  Jan-Feb I completed IND-299 Strategies for Spec Planning and IT-140 Intro to Scripting.  For the Mar-Apr term I am in the middle of IT-255 Intro to Linux and IT-200 Fundamentals IT

After this term I will have only 7 classes left to graduate and I am pre-registered for the completion of the program.

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