Midi Mapping in Ardour

Well. The Midi Controller that I’m using on my KXstudio setup is not natively mapped in Ardour(Yet). I can say that the more time that you spend with KXStudio and OpenSourced audio applications the more you will get out of it. The learning curve is pretty steep for sure. I have been taking some decent notes and learning along the way but it’s coming together. I will post my Midi-Map when I’m confident in the setup.

I’m using an M-Audio Axiom 32. There are some quirks for sure. The transport buttons trigger a control change rather than the expected program change? Also there are some double mapped buttons. The hydrogen button doesn’t seem to open up any more functionality on the knobs. So I’m stuck with 8 pots. But there are a total of 16 pads since the toggle button for the pads listing does work.

This video did help.



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