Command line multi-tasking

Found this post useful today.
Multitasking from command line in Linux

Important Commands

Here’s a list of all the commands, key combos, and other important bits that I went over with a brief description for each. It’s like the word list at the end of children’s books.

fg – Brings a stopped or background job to the foreground
bg – Sends a stopped job to the background
jobs – Lists the current jobs and their corresponding job number
Ctrl+c – Key combination that sends a SIGINT signal to the foreground process. Use this to close processes that don’t stop (such as ping or top) or terminate a process that no longer responds or is no longer needed.
Ctrl+z – Key combination that sends the SIGTSTP signal to the foreground process. Use this to send a foreground process to a stopped state.
& – Use an ampersand at the end of a command to send the resulting job to the background immediately
kill – Sends signals to processes based on process ID or job number. Useful to send SIGTERM or SIGKILL signals to forcibly stop processes.
nice – Runs the given command with a lower-than-default CPU priority
renice – Changes an existing process’ CPU priority
ionice – Changes an existing process’ IO priority

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