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How to Ditch Apple Completely

Funny points. Haven’t found LifeHacker to be really all that good for a few years now. Some Highlights. Transfer From Apple’s Podcasts App to Stitcher Radio If you only do one thing on this list, make it this one. Apple’s … Continue reading

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Pi-hole®: A black hole for Internet advertisements

No more internet Ads for me! I setup PiHole on my home network. So combining this with browser based ad blocking. And the internet looks sane again. Until you visit some jerk site that wants you to disable your adblocker. … Continue reading

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Data Recovery Fedora-style

Eh.. this one was mildly painful. Needed to get data from an old SSD that has a linux install on it. BUT, had to access the LV that happened to have the same LV name as the system that I … Continue reading

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Oath and Mozilla are suing each other after Firefox switches back to Google search

In yesterday’s counter-complaint, Mozilla explains that it took another long look at the deal post-Verizon acquisition and was no longer in love with its choice of Yahoo as the default engine. “Immediately following Yahoo’s acquisition, we undertook a lengthy, multi-month … Continue reading

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