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Remote Control

Pretty Darn Good Record.

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Ardour Open Source DAW

Sent my midi-map to the good people at the Ardour Project and was very warmly received. Feels good. ardour – Mirror of Ardour Source Code GitHub Repo

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Midi Mapping in Ardour

Well. The Midi Controller that I’m using on my KXstudio setup is not natively mapped in Ardour(Yet). I can say that the more time that you spend with KXStudio and OpenSourced audio applications the more you will get out of … Continue reading

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I Am a 9 to 5 Developer (And So Can You!)

Great post. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about a particular tweet from Safia Abdalla: A perhaps unpopular opinion (and a little ironic coming from me).You don’t have to write blog posts, contribute to open source, give technical talks, or … Continue reading

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EVEN MORE XMAS Beer of The Month Club – Craft Beer | The Original Craft Beer Club

Got my first shipment today! The Best Beer Of The Month Club. Craft Beer Club delivers several of the finest micro brews from around the country, right to your door! Source: Beer of The Month Club – Craft Beer | … Continue reading

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