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Learning to deal with JACK

This article taught me a lot about using JACK as a virtual patch bay. Especially the way to integrate with a DAW. Its actually starting to grow on me. Now I am really learning the limitations of my crap hardware. … Continue reading

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Why _blank_ Gets You Root

Cool breakdown of the Mac High Sierra root user bug. tracking down the cause a serious authentication flaw Source: Why _blank_ Gets You Root

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Linux Audio Overview

For a dumb-dumb like me. Finally makes sense. Documentation : Manual : Linux Audio Overview Anyone intending to use GNU/Linux as a platform for audio or video production will benefit from understanding the primary Linux sound sub-systems, their purposes and … Continue reading

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How to download an ISO and directly create a bootable USB

Handy little trick that saved me a ton of time and disk space. How can I transfer an .iso file to an USB in parallel to the download of this file so that downloaded data gets directly on my USB … Continue reading

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Core Gaming in Salem helped me out with a battery for my GBA SP. Store is actually really cool. Lots of good retro-games. CoreGaming Site

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